Unique Office Design Concepts to Attract Top Talent Employees

Creating a modern and unique workplace setting for your employees continues to be a challenge in the corporate sector. When thinking of one, you must consider the aesthetic value and additional design concepts that will make the best impact. Young graduates are easily attracted to a good working environment. Therefore, designing the best office becomes a priority before you consider salaries and remuneration. Here are some of the best office design concepts you can consider when setting up a modern office for your team. [Read More]

Prepping Your Used Container for Storage Purposes

When you're looking for a sturdy storage solution, it's difficult to beat a used container. As they're originally designed to house goods that are in transit, they benefit from sturdy designs. However, when you're buying one that's used, it's always wise to know how to prep it. Creating a Foundation If you want your used container to last as long as possible, you'll need to place it on a foundation. This is particularly important if you live in an area of high rainfall, as allowing your container to sit in water increases the chances of it rusting. [Read More]

Why Have a Mock BEE Verification Assessment?

Before you choose a BEE verification agency, it's worth looking for companies that offer a mock assessment. Here, the agency assesses your current compliance with the program and gives you an estimated score before you make a formal application. What are the advantages of having a mock BEE verification assessment? 1. Check Your Potential Score The BEE program can be complicated. Your organisation will be rated on various elements to create your final score. [Read More]

Three Reasons for Buying a Pre-Used Shipping Container

You may already be aware that shipping containers have a wide variety of uses over and above transporting goods. You may not realise, however, that pre-owned containers are easy to obtain. Here are some of the advantages of buying a used shipping container rather than a brand-new one. Price This is the most obvious benefit of going down the pre-owned route. A second-hand shipping container will be much cheaper than a new one. [Read More]