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Why And How You Need To Maximise Your Packaging As A Form Of Self-Advertising

Product packaging has gone through many changes over the last hundred years. From bulky and inefficient packaging materials like fabrics, steel and glass to the newer, sleeker packages made from aluminium, plastics and cardboard, there is no doubt packaging is much better than what it was at the turn of the 20th century. However, perhaps the most important revolution in packaging was not in the materials but in what was on those materials. Now more than ever, it is so crucial that you as a business owner make the most of this free advertising space to get your message out there.

A Free Form Of Advertising

Sometimes small businesses are hesitant to fully utilise the space on their packaging for advertising because they think it could make the product look cheap or ugly. This is a flawed way of thinking for two reasons:

  1. Every major brand uses its packaging to self-advertise. Perhaps if it wasn't the industry standard, it might be worthwhile considering a bit less advertising, but by not doing it, you are putting yourself at an instant disadvantage. 
  2. People might be unfamiliar with your product and the advertising serves as an introduction to your major selling points. By not having it, you are asking them to guess why your product is better, which is not how you start a loyal consumer base.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Now that it is established why advertising is important, it needs to be highlighted that it is not enough to merely print facts about your product on the packaging. A packaging design agency can help you establish a coherent and attractive pitch to your customers that contains all the major points that make your product the best. You need to stand out from the crowd, and the best way to do that is to go with the professionals at a packaging design agency. Without a packaging design agency, you are likely going to just regurgitate designs you see when you visit the supermarket. These won't be original, and you will struggle to establish yourself as a competitor rather than a copycat. 

Work With The Retailers On Your Products Display

All of the work that goes on behind the scenes is pointless if, when your product is displayed, it isn't positioned properly. That is when you have to work with the individual retailers and franchises to instruct them on how you want it shown to the public. Sometimes they may ask you for a bit more money to put it out on the shopfront as you want, and this is often a price worth paying (as long as it is not absurdly high). It is easy to forget that in this instance the retailer holds all the power, and you need them onside to get your product out there. They want you to succeed because it means more money for them too, but they are just as happy for another product to succeed, so you need to make sure yours is the one that looks the best to their customers. 

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