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Why Have a Mock BEE Verification Assessment?

Before you choose a BEE verification agency, it's worth looking for companies that offer a mock assessment. Here, the agency assesses your current compliance with the program and gives you an estimated score before you make a formal application.

What are the advantages of having a mock BEE verification assessment?

1. Check Your Potential Score

The BEE program can be complicated. Your organisation will be rated on various elements to create your final score. Each element is weighted differently. You also gain bonus points if you hit certain targets.

While you can estimate your own score to see where you stand, you might not get accurate results if you haven't used the program in the past. So, when you apply, you might not get the score you expect. If you run a mock assessment before you apply, then you get an accurate score prediction. The agency analyses your current situation and reports it back to you.

2. Find Immediate Areas of Improvement

In some cases, your mock score will be good enough for you to apply for verification. You'll be happy with the score you get. However, in some cases, your assessment might show areas that need improvement. These areas might negatively affect your score.

This can be a problem if you're aiming for a score level that gives your organisation more chances of winning tenders for public and government contracts. Or, you might need a certain level to apply for licences to work in some sectors.

Your mock assessment might also show areas that you can improve quickly. For example, investing in local community development initiatives could earn you useful extra socio-economic points that could tip your organisation into the next score grade up.  

3. Plan for the Future

BEE accreditation isn't a one-shot quick process. Many companies start on lower scores and build their way up to higher ratings. This can take time and investment. The analysis you get from a mock assessment can help you see where your organization falls short. You get a better understanding of areas that need long-term improvement.

For example, if you don't score highly on the management element, then you might not have enough coloured citizens working at senior levels. You can address this shortfall by implementing training, management development and recruitment programs.

While this fix might take some time, you'll benefit from starting early. Your mock assessment gives you a target to improve your future BEE score.

To find out more about mock assessments and their benefits, contact a BEE verification agency, such as the Assurance Verification Agency.