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Unique Office Design Concepts to Attract Top Talent Employees

Creating a modern and unique workplace setting for your employees continues to be a challenge in the corporate sector. When thinking of one, you must consider the aesthetic value and additional design concepts that will make the best impact. Young graduates are easily attracted to a good working environment. Therefore, designing the best office becomes a priority before you consider salaries and remuneration. Here are some of the best office design concepts you can consider when setting up a modern office for your team.

Activity-Based Work Type

It gets tiring spending all day in the same spot. Be creative and diversify the workspace of your team members. For instance, you may consider privacy booths, collaboration rooms, sit-stand desks, and shared desks. Besides boosting the working mood of your team players, this will control health-related complications that come as a result of sitting for long hours.

There are situations where an employee may need to do something that requires high level of focus and concentration. Activity-based working environment enables them to shift to an isolated silent area to avoid distractions from co-workers. In addition, if an employee is handling something that calls for closer collaboration such as learning new software, he or she can move to a traditional desk next to the co-worker to engage in an open communication.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is gaining great relevance now. It displays a green workplace environment that has the power of boosting the general mood and performance of your employees. In essence, it employs the idea that human beings have a good connection with nature. Therefore, when this connection is made, it results in better work performance, health, creativity, concentration, etc. Some of the common elements that biophilic design uses in workplaces and offices include:

Flowing Water: This may comprise of streams, fountains, and mini-waterfalls. However, such examples are over-the-top for most of the modern small offices. Using them provides better ambiance and a tranquil soundscape for common areas like lobbies.

Natural Light: The element allows sun rays to shine into the workspace through the glass walls, glass windows, glass ceilings and glass doors. When using it, you may consider high glass walls in the entrance and lobbies to provide a rejuvenating effect on the entire space.

Plants: Not only do plants look beautiful, they improve the air quality in the workspace. They also reduce toxins in the air and boost ventilation for a comfortable workspace.

If you need help with commercial interior design, reach out to a professional designer in your area.